Is Spring Really Here?

I know that we passed the Spring Equinox recently, but the weather really hasn’t acted like it knew it should be changing!  Warm one day, cold and snowy the next…. now finally this morning it looks like Spring may finally arrived!  It’s bright and sunny, going to get into the upper 50’s today and then tomorrow, we’ll be hitting the 70’s!  I’m hoping to find both the time and energy to get out and start clearing up the yard.  That would be very nice and very rewarding.  So… keep your fingers crossed!

On the stitching front, I have been working on a Round Robin, but fighting it all the way.  The stitch pattern was different than mine and it took me a bit to understand how my sister was telling me to turn the cloth until it would line up with how I stitch.  Once I did that, it worked much better.  It was a dark navy, very pretty, but smaller stitch than I am used to and much harder to see…  I really didn’t get as much done as I would have liked before having to pass it on.  Hopefully I will have the opportunity to work on it again and can make up for the lack this time.

I did get to work a bit on Viktor and Irina this week.  I finally have all of Viktor in, minus small bits.

Viktor & Irina - 03-29-14

It’s coming along very nicely and is still a pleasure to stitch.  If you notice, I’ve given him a fuzzy tail and will also add Wisper to his mane and Irina’s ruff.  I think it will make a really cute finish to these two.

Well… I need to run!  So I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll chat with you again soon!

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It’s Saturday Once Again…..

Another crazy week has gone by…..  The weather was up and down; Snow, Sleet, Heat… we didn’t know what to wear!  Everyone around me is sniffling and sneezing.  Come On Spring!  We need you!!!  Work is overwhelming… we’ve got a HUGE event next Thursday and Friday, and we’re not prepared!  There are only three of us on the team and one who drops the ball all the time.  We’re waiting on her to finish a major portion so we can finish all the little details around it.  I may need to take some time off after we’re done just for a mental break!  I’m working an average of 9 – 11 hours a day trying to get this all in line.  I am beat!

So…in my misery I did what any woman in her right mind would do…. I went shopping!  And what do you think happened???   I couldn’t find anything to buy!!!  Seriously?  I have money burning a hole in my pocket and no one wants to exchange it for goods???  I did get two things, a really pretty red cardigan with a harlequin design on the front in two shades of gray and black with thin white stitches.  LOVE it! And then I got a heather gray mock turtleneck sweater.  It’s very soft…  But I was disappointed that I couldn’t find any skirts or slacks that fit and looked nice.  I’m in desperate need of those as my wardrobe hasn’t been updated in probably more than 10 years!

So, like a trooper, I came home and hit the Internet!  and my first stop was the needlework stores!  HA! And did I get me some stash!

February StashI just couldn’t resist!  They were having a SALE!  and I SAVED so much money!   So, I got almost all of my Reindeer from Nora Corbett.  I’m missing two and the sleigh.  But I got word that they are in the mail and I should have them next week!

ReindeerAnd I made a deal with Laura that I would buy the two Celtic women that she didn’t have and we could swap and stitch all four seasons.  I never see them at the LNS SO!  I had to buy them!  

Celtic WomenI have seen some very pretty variations on the colors that I think I might try.  I’ve found an Autumn that was all done in the oranges, reds and golds – gorgeous!

But… I didn’t stop there!  Oh No!  I’ve been wanting to do a series by Mirabilla – In My Garden.  One for each season.

In My GardenI saw someone working on Summer a while back and have been looking for them ever since.  Again, not at my LNS.  I asked for them for Christmas, but didn’t get them.  So… Merry Christmas, Nancy!

I also have been on the search for a particular pattern for well over a year now.  I could find it kitted, but not just the pattern.  I don’t generally like to do kits because the fabrics are usually a smaller count than I like to work on and my lovely Sister has trained me to at least consider switching the called for fabrics and flosses… so those usually get swapped out too!  Thus, it’s better for me to have the pattern only.

I was almost ready to give up, when I came up with a brilliant idea!  I went to Facebook and put out an APB with my Kansas Stitchers group.  Within a day, someone stepped up with the pattern!  So, I immediately bought it from them and happily now, it is in my hot little hands!

Little HouseI really wanted this pattern for the freebie that she included.  Every time I would see the needleroll made up, Oh my!  I would just start drooling!  I was such an embarrassment to Laura… she would literally have to pull it out of my hands and drag me away from the display!  But I have it now and it looks like it will be a fun stitch.

Also, as you can see, I got one more little design, Love One Another.  One of the ladies on the KS Stitchers site was having a garage sale and I picked it up for a song!  I think it will be another one that will be quick and fun.

All in all, I got some pieces that I have been wanting for a very long time and some really fun designs.  I am well pleased!

Reporting live from the office of Ms. Nancy…. that’s the news and I’m out!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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It’s Saturday Again!

Well, this week has certainly been different! We were supposed to have just a couple of days of cold and then start warming up mid-week.  But…. guess who got that wrong???  Yep!  We really didn’t start warming up until late Thursday afternoon.  But that’s ok!  We are much better off than a lot of people around the country right now.   All the snow has melted from the streets and it’s only 25 degrees right now, but heading up to the mid-40’s.

So now… on the stitching front… I packaged up Santa and sent him on his merry way.  He was received intact and is already sporting half a moustache!  I can’t wait to see the updates on him as he progresses through the Round Robin.  🙂  Here is what he looked like when I sent him off:

Sweet Dreams Santa - 02-10-14

I have returned to Viktor and Irina and am happily stitching away.  I got the balance of the flower done this week and will be moving on to the next little motifs, one of which is a little angel.  I have three motifs left on the right side and some of the lettering, which I won’t do until I’m done stitching everything below.  So I’m just about halfway there!  Here is this week’s progress:

Viktor & Irina - 02-14-14

Well, I should run.  I hope you all have a wonderful week, stay warm and dry, and I’ll see you again soon!

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Saturday, February 8th

Good morning everyone!  It has been quite a week here, as I know it has all over the country.  I was snowed in for two days.  Work was officially called on Tuesday, but even on Wednesday with a late start, I couldn’t make it.  The snowplows had not been through our neighborhood yet and with over 10″ of snow, my little car just wouldn’t be able to skim over the snow!  It’s better now, passable at least, but I hear we’re in for more this weekend.  Oh Joy!

In the land of stitching… well…. let’s just say that since my last report.  As you know, I’m working away on my Santa… well, on Wednesday last week, I discovered that I had made a HUGE mistake.  Suddenly, I see that there are 9, count them, 9 different blended colors!  So, this means that I got to visit with Mr. Frog!  I had to take out my entire piece and start again.  Yes, I cried…..  😦

So…. last weekend, Laura and I hit the stores and got all of the colors of flosses I was missing and I went to work again.  With me being at home on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I got a good bit back in.  So now… can you see his left eye?

Sweet Dreams Santa - 02-07-14

So… he isn’t nearly as far as I wanted before sending on to my group, but I’ll work some more this weekend and mail him off to his next destination on Monday.

Gotta run!  Have a great week and I’ll chat with you again soon!

January Update

Well… the weather has been really awful here with extreme cold and then vicious snow.  I know we’re not the only place that is enjoying the Winter season!  It seems that we are all experiencing something very different this year and way out of the ordinary.

It has afforded me time to finish one project and then to start on a couple more.  First, right before the new year I finished Song of the Seasons!  I think this piece is just too cute and am very anxious to get it framed and on display.  Here’s a finished piece:

???????????????????????????????Then I pulled out Viktor & Irina by Plum Street Samplers.  This design just makes me giggle!  When I was kitting it up, Eric decided on the fabric.  So I tweaked the colors just a tad and off I went!  What do you think?

Viktor & Irina - Jan

I started in the middle and then worked my way right.  I wanted to get Irina in!  I’ve got several more bits to do before that side is finished and I can move over to Viktor.  But who know?  I might just switch and get the left side going too!

The calendar gave me a start on Tuesday.  I realized that I only had a couple of weeks before the end of the month!  I’ve joined another Round Robin and we are supposed to mail our pieces off on February 1st.  I knew what I was going to send, but hadn’t pulled flosses or started on it yet!  So… out it came, I spent the evening pulling floss and noting what was missing.  Then during lunch the next day, I centered it and got it started.  I want to finish a good chunk of the face so it will be easier for the other ladies to set the parts that they want to work on.  Oh!  I forgot to tell you what the piece is….  DUH!  I’m working on Sweet Dreams Santa by The Vermillion Stitchery!

Sweet Dreams Santa - StartYes… I know that it doesn’t look like I have much done, and I don’t!  I spent the next day coloring in all the beads that will be on the piece – 248 of them all around the border!

I’m anxious to have this piece done and am hopeful that a big section will be finished once it comes back home.  There are four of us in this RR, so there’s a good chance that great progress will be made!

Well…. that’s it for now!  Everyone stay warm and dry!  Hopefully, I’ll be chatting with you again soon!

Brightest Blessings!

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More stitching….

I know you have been anxiously awaiting my post to see what I have been up to, right?  😉  I’ve done some work on my Song of the Season…. I’m done with part two and now on the last segment.  Here you go!

Song of the Season

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Saturday Progress

I just wanted to share a quick note on my progress so far on Song of the Seasons by Little House Needleworks.  I’ve only worked during lunch and one evening for a couple of hours.  Do you see the little raindrops?

Song of the Seasons