Good Morning, World!

We are enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning here in the Midwest!  We are expecting more rain tonight, but I’m going to enjoy the cool breeze and temperatures for as long as I can… because they say that next week, we’re heading straight to the 90’s!  UGH!  I’m definitely a Spring girl… not a Summer girl.

I got another piece framed this month.  It’s my Song of the Seasons by Little House.  I know there are several mistakes in it, but I don’t care.  That’s what makes it uniquely mine and I still love it.  Here a picture for you to see…

Completed 2013 and framed 2014

Completed 2013 and framed 2014

I also worked on Viktor and Irina this week.  Drumroll please!!!!!  They are done!  🙂

Finished 06/10/14

Finished 06/10/14

I have already started on a new piece – The Raven by La-D-Da.  It’s going quickly and I’ll have progress pictures very soon.

Ok… I’m heading out to enjoy this weather while I can!  See you again soon!




2 thoughts on “Good Morning, World!

  1. Beautiful work. Just like our lives, the whole is beautiful even with our own unique differences,

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