Something a bit different….

Well, I know that I always show you my stitching.  Not today…  I’ve been working a bit in my garden and thought I would share some of it with you.  Now… here’s the disclaimer.  The pictures aren’t that great, certainly not as spectacular as Karen R’s!  But it is my garden and so one would expect it to be a bit off…  😉

So, here we go for a walk…  Let’s start at the drive and move back towards the door.  Here is a look at the garden itself.  I’ve just planted those roses and really need to deadhead them.   They were just about to bite the dust when I brought them home, but are doing surprisingly well now.  In the background, you can see my brother’s Arrowhead plants.

Garden from the East


Here is a better picture of the Japanese Maple.  This one is about 5 years old now.  As most things in my garden, it was touch and go for a bit, but it finally sunk in roots and has taken off.  It’s definitely an eye-catcher against the wood of the house.

Japanese Maple

As we start down the sidewalk, here are a couple of tulips that have survived the years.

Red Tulip Purple Night - TulipThey have gotten so sparse that I told my son, Eric that this fall, I’ll buy him one of the augers that attaches to his drill and we were going to plant about 100 tulips so we have a beautiful display next Spring.  (please remind me to do this!  I love tulips and the pops of color that they provide in the Spring landscape!)

Next down the path, we come across Lily of the Valley… these were gifts from the birds.  I do love them though, because my Mom always had a bed full each Spring.  They were such prolific growers that eventually they split the box and grew over the sides of the planter to join the other flowers in the yard.  My Mom would rip them out of the ground by the handful, but they just kept growing and coming back.  🙂

Lily of the Valley


Next to them, we have Chuck’s Jacob’s Ladder.  I love this plant because it is rather unusual.  The stems and leaves bow over and to me are very dramatic.  Then there is the little surprise of flowers dripping from each leaflet. Such a pretty plant.  Mixed in with it is a joke for me… A little silvery ground cover called White Nancy – Dead Nettle.  That’s quite a tribute and suits me well don’t you think?  😀

Jacob's Ladder


From here, our walk brings us to a new beauty of my garden, my Perennial Geranium.  It is just starting to bloom, but I don’t think you can really see the blossom.  It’s is a very light violet color, very dainty.  Already, this plant has tripled it’s size from last year.

Perennial Geramium

Now we have reached the curve of my walk and are almost to the porch itself.  As we look back, this is our view…

Front Garden

From here you can see the gazing balls, my garden ornament, and the birdbath.  I have lots of hostas that have really loved their home and expanded so much, that I should really divide them.  But I just can’t bring myself to do it!  I also have a ton of  violets.  They are volunteer, but some are the Birdfoot Violet that are sold at the nurseries, so I baby them and let them grow wherever they wish.

When we look closer, you can see the beautiful color of my English Bluebells.  They are generally one of the first to break ground and love to get a jump on the other plants.  Right behind it is a giant hosta.  Unfortunately, I no longer remember it’s name… but if given the proper elements, it can reach over 3 feet tall.  It’s a gorgeous specimen.    The little rusty birdbath was Chuck’s.  It’s getting a paint job this year so it will last well into the future as a remembrance piece.

English Bluebells


Right next to this, you can see another of my brother’s plants – his prized Helleborus.  This plant starts up with the snow and then is in full bloom just as Spring lifts her veil.  It is a truly spectacular plant and one I would highly suggest for your gardens.

Chuck's Helleborus

From here we look across the walk and you can see a small garden that I’m working on directly in front of the porch.  I’ve got a few Iris and a couple of new plants this year which I believe are Alstroemeria.  I’m hoping that they are perennials, but if not, I’ll find something pretty to plant there next year!  If you look closely, you’ll see my visitor.  He belongs to one of my neighbors, but always comes to my porch for a snooze.


Porch Garden with Visitor


I know you probably can’t see this, but here is my first Iris of the Spring!  It’s pale, pink and just a beautiful lady.  I purchased it, as well as all my other iris, at Comanche Acres Iris Gardens in Gower, MO.  It is just a real treat to go there and walk the fields of iris, something Chuck and I would do while he was still here.  If you get a chance, check them out on-line!  You’ll love to visit there too.

First Iris of Spring


Well, that is it for the garden tour!  I hope you enjoyed your little detour and glimpse into what else I do beside stitching!

Until next time my friends…. Brightest Blessings!!!


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