Is Spring Really Here?

I know that we passed the Spring Equinox recently, but the weather really hasn’t acted like it knew it should be changing!  Warm one day, cold and snowy the next…. now finally this morning it looks like Spring may finally arrived!  It’s bright and sunny, going to get into the upper 50’s today and then tomorrow, we’ll be hitting the 70’s!  I’m hoping to find both the time and energy to get out and start clearing up the yard.  That would be very nice and very rewarding.  So… keep your fingers crossed!

On the stitching front, I have been working on a Round Robin, but fighting it all the way.  The stitch pattern was different than mine and it took me a bit to understand how my sister was telling me to turn the cloth until it would line up with how I stitch.  Once I did that, it worked much better.  It was a dark navy, very pretty, but smaller stitch than I am used to and much harder to see…  I really didn’t get as much done as I would have liked before having to pass it on.  Hopefully I will have the opportunity to work on it again and can make up for the lack this time.

I did get to work a bit on Viktor and Irina this week.  I finally have all of Viktor in, minus small bits.

Viktor & Irina - 03-29-14

It’s coming along very nicely and is still a pleasure to stitch.  If you notice, I’ve given him a fuzzy tail and will also add Wisper to his mane and Irina’s ruff.  I think it will make a really cute finish to these two.

Well… I need to run!  So I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll chat with you again soon!


One thought on “Is Spring Really Here?

  1. I certainly hope Spring is actually here, now, too – it’s several weeks late! BUT – it did give me time (I hope) to get some more roots in the ground, as I split cannas and replanted them, hopefully not too late 🙂 LOVE Viktor & Irina – I have that in the stash, too. I should get it kitted up!

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