Saturday, February 8th

Good morning everyone!  It has been quite a week here, as I know it has all over the country.  I was snowed in for two days.  Work was officially called on Tuesday, but even on Wednesday with a late start, I couldn’t make it.  The snowplows had not been through our neighborhood yet and with over 10″ of snow, my little car just wouldn’t be able to skim over the snow!  It’s better now, passable at least, but I hear we’re in for more this weekend.  Oh Joy!

In the land of stitching… well…. let’s just say that since my last report.  As you know, I’m working away on my Santa… well, on Wednesday last week, I discovered that I had made a HUGE mistake.  Suddenly, I see that there are 9, count them, 9 different blended colors!  So, this means that I got to visit with Mr. Frog!  I had to take out my entire piece and start again.  Yes, I cried…..  😦

So…. last weekend, Laura and I hit the stores and got all of the colors of flosses I was missing and I went to work again.  With me being at home on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I got a good bit back in.  So now… can you see his left eye?

Sweet Dreams Santa - 02-07-14

So… he isn’t nearly as far as I wanted before sending on to my group, but I’ll work some more this weekend and mail him off to his next destination on Monday.

Gotta run!  Have a great week and I’ll chat with you again soon!


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