It’s Official!

Northwind is DONE!  My first blog on this was June 15th… so it has taken 3 months for me to complete it.  WAY too long….   The good news is, I still love it just as much as the day I purchased the fabric and design.  That’s something I can not say about the last design that took me sooooo long to complete.  Oh, yes, I do still like it.  I just look at it and say – geez! that was a pain to stitch!

So, without further ado…. I present to you Northwind by Silver Creek Samplers. 



I may have to take another picture later in the day so it comes out better.

I am now working on the Little House Mystery Sampler – Song of the Seasons.  I’m almost finished with the top portion.  I was late getting that going because I was completing Northwind.  But it’s moving along quickly and I hope to have part one done this week.

I better run for now!  I hope you all enjoy your stitching and that all your x’s are true and Mr. Frog doesn’t come to visit any time soon!


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