Is it really August 31st?

Oh my but this summer has just flown!  Where has all the time gone and what have I done with it???  I can’t believe that the kids are all back in school now.  It seems like they were just getting out last week!  Oh well… time does march on!

I’ve made some more progress on the cross stitch front.  Northwind is moving along, but once again… I’m out of FLOSS!  So, I’m stalled on the text until I make it over to Hobby Lobby and pick up another skein.  Why, oh why don’t the designers tell you these things on the pattern????  Anyway, enough of the whining… here’s where I am at today:

Northwind - 08/31/13

Close, right?  Maybe with this long weekend, I can actually get the verse all done.  Then all I have to do is a big cloud, another bird, and snow drifting through the entire piece.  I’m getting there!

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday weekend and we’ll chat with you again soon!


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