Saturday Morning Ramblings….

Do you ever catch yourself thinking while you’re sleeping?  You know what I mean…..  you’re awake but you’re not?  Well, ok… if you’re not going to admit it… 😉  Anyway, that’s what I was doing this morning!  Oh Joy!  And while I was in this “deep” thought, I suddenly remembered that I had not shared with you the progress on my Northwind project.  This seems like it is taking forever!  I absolutely love how it looks, but MAN there is a lot to this piece.  I am almost 2/3 of the way through with the main stitching.  I’m guestimating that if I continue to work on it only during my lunch break, it will be at least another month before I am done with the verse.  THEN I will have to go back through the entire piece and stitch in all of the little falling snowflakes that add so much charm to the piece.  So, maybe another month there!  At that rate, I won’t be able to do any Fall stitching!  NOT FAIR!  😦  lol!  So, without further adieu, here is where I am as of this morning:

Northwind - 08-23-13The other thought that I had, was that I told you I was going to frame up my Sampler Antico by Passione Ricamo and it would rest in a place of honor over the fireplace.  Well, it is… but I don’t think I ever showed you once it landed there!  But on the way to the fireplace, I actually placed it in a Diversity Art Fair at the office.  There were no prizes, only sharing of different art pieces from different cultures.  It was really fun to go into the lunch room each day and see everyone oohing and aahing over my work.  Yes, yes… I am really proud of this piece.  Here is what I get to see each and every day!

Sampler Antico by Passione Ricamo - 08-23-13

And with that… my thoughts ended and I was able to drift off to sleep once again.  Thank you for bearing with me and letting me share these early morning ramblings with you.  Have a great day!


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