Northwind Updates

Well…. I’ve done it again!  I tried to add an update last week and somehow, it got lost in the nether worlds!  So, here is my July 12th update of Northwind.

Northwind - Progress 07-12-13Pretty good, huh?  I was almost done “sewing” the grass and raising the barn, right?  The grass just seemed to take forever to get done and here, it’s not quite there yet.  The barn was going together really well.  Last but not least, the bird was just so fun to reveal!  I just love how he has turned out….

Now, I’ve worked another week and look what I’ve done!

Northwind - Progress 07-27-13The grass is done and the barn just needs the roof completed!  This has taken quite a long while to complete, but I really love how it is looking.  I love the muted colors of the barn and how all the “boards” look faded and weathered.  This has really made a wonderful base for the balance of this design.  I am so excited to move forward now and see what is revealed next!




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