Where did the month go???

It just seems like it has been forever since I’ve blogged!  And then when I look at my stitching… I’m embarrassed to see that I’ve not made all that much progress!  All I can say is that this piece does have it’s fair share of confetti and color changes.  So, just for comparison, check out where I started on my March 9th post…

Progress as of March 9th

Progress as of March 9th

And this is where I am this morning after a month of stitching at lunch…

VOS - 04-13-13

and here is a close up of those little fuzzy sheep!

VOS - sheep

I used Wisper on them and once I’m done, I’ll fluff them out so they are more visible.  I think they’re just darling!

I’m hoping that the left side goes a little quicker.  I’d love to have this piece finished and am anxious to get on the next one… whatever that might be!  🙂

Outside of that, I went to the doctor last week and had 4 moles removed.  There were no issues at all, thank goodness!   It’s going to be really strange to see myself without the one that’s been on my forehead for the past 10+ years.  The initial scabs have fallen off  and they are healing fine.

That’s it for now… hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll chat with you again soon!


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