March Project…

So… I found this little design in the stash of a woman that has passed.  Her daughter knew that Laura and I stitched, so she brought us her things to go through.  I have been wanting to do this design for as long as I can remember.  When I saw the pattern, I grabbed it up!  It was definitely going home with me.  🙂  Here is the design:

Voice of the Shepherd Design

It had really been calling to me all through February, so out it came for the March project list!  I’ve only just started working on it and already am loving what it looks like.

Funny thing was… once I pulled it out, Laura pulled hers and now we’re doing a SAL!  We’ve got completely different fabric – mine is blue and her’s is green; we’ve started in different locations – me in the middle and her on the right tree.  It’s fun to see the progress of both pieces and how differently the same floss and design can look on different fabrics.

Here is where I am after a week of working during lunch:


Ok…so I should probably get busy and do some more stitching!  I can’t let my Sis get ahead of me!  😉

Happy Stitching!


4 thoughts on “March Project…

  1. Thanks, Karen! I’m enjoying stitching it on this color… seems to have so much more life than the model. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I’ve almost got the right side from the barn over done now. I hope to finish up the bushes on that side today at lunch, then on to the house and the left side! 🙂

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