February Finishes

Ok.. I thought that I posted this last week, but somehow it’s not showing up in my blog!  Sometimes me and electronics just don’t mix… I was sick last week, so maybe I just dreamed  that I posted….

Anyhow… I finished up working on the little piece from my cruise and just love how it turned out.  It is L’arbre aux Oiseaux by Jardin Prive.  I just love the little fuzzy sheep!


L'arbre aux Oiseaux


Then because that was done and there was still a couple of days left in the month, I pulled out this little gem and whipped it out.  So cute!

I Love Gardens

I love the little rose buttons and the little glove.  They really just made this piece!

So that was it for February!  and now on to March!





5 thoughts on “February Finishes

  1. Feeling much better thank you! LOL! I love those little sheep too! I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ve been drawn to sheep lately and have purchased several patterns with them. Oh well! I guess it could be worse, huh? 😉

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