October 2012 WIPocalypse

Yes, I know… it’s the last day to make this entry… I have no excuse except, I just didn’t get it done!  So, what have I been doing you might ask… well….. I’ve done some stitching of course!  To start with, I finished my Christmas present for my SIL and I really like how it’s turned out.  Here is a not so good picture of it – Just for Today:


After that, I worked on finishing the remembrance piece that I did for my Mom.  She really liked calico prints, so I think she would be pleased with this piece.





Next, I worked on another present, but can’t show it here…. it will have to wait until after Christmas!  Ah the suspense!!!!

Then I could be found diligently working on a Round Robin piece, the Fairy Flora by Nora Corbett.  This is a really sweet piece and very deceptive.  I felt like I stitched and stitched, but didn’t feel like I was making a lot of progress.  Thankfully I colored in my portion of the chart and could see that I really did do quite a bit!  I was the last person on the stitching wheel of 3 and was anxious to get a good section done.

Here it is with all of our stitching in place:

and here is the chart.

My contribution is all in hot pink!








Once the Round Robin piece was on its way home, I started working on a Halloween piece called Ezmiralda’s Boutique.  It was a freebie on the 2010 Across the River event with two of our LNSs.  It’s almost done now, so shouldn’t take too much longer before it’s ready to display.


Here is what it looks like finished.  I switched out the fabric for something with a spooky feel.  I just need to add a little bit on the border, a couple of words, beads,

and then backstitching and voila!  She is done!






Probably one of the most exciting things for me was when my own piece came back from the Round Robin.  When I forwarded it to the second person in the rotation, it looked like this:

And here it is in all it’s glory, returned home once again!

Didn’t they do a beautiful job?  There is just the small section on the right for me to finish.  This piece is next in my rotation.  I’d like to have it framed and on display as soon as possible.

On other fronts, Laura and I have been getting some stitching in together each week, usually at our local Library.  We have a special booth there that we like to use…nice cushy seats and a great table for our items.  Even the Library Ladies know that we like it and if it’s not available when we arrive, then watch and find us when it is.  =]

Laura and I also spent an evening just last week playing Bunco at our Community Center.  It’s such a fun game and we each came home with a prize!  So, the evening was a success on several fronts.

I’ve been busy planning for my Christmas holiday to Texas where I’ll spend it with my brother, John and SIL, Sue Ellen.  My son, Eric and I will be driving down to Texas – about 13 1/2 hours from KC.  This will be the first trip that Eric and I have ever taken together and we’ll be sharing the driving.  It should be interesting!  😉  It’s also the first Christmas for John and Sue Ellen together and the first one that I have spent with him since he left home more than 40 years ago.  We’ve grown much closer over the last few years and for that I am thankful.  I can hardly wait to get there!

Well, I think it’s probably time to close for the day.  I wish everyone happy stitching and I’ll try to post earlier next month!

Brightest Blessings!



2 thoughts on “October 2012 WIPocalypse

  1. Wow, you were BUSY in October!! I wondered if you were going to update again, but I see why you were running behind! I know how the stitch-forever-can’t-see-the-progress goes – about 1/3 of my projects do that to me 🙂 LOVE your returned RR – it’s beautiful! Nice work, everyone! ANd I glanced at the later post where Ezmiralda is done! Now I can go look at that one better 🙂

  2. LOL! Well….. I actually wrote this post and then forgot to publish it! That’s why it didn’t get out there… doh! It was a busy month! Ezmiralda was really fun to stitch. My lunch group just loved seeing the progress on it and all the little fun bits. I hope you like the finished product!

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