September 16th Stitching Update

I forgot to show you where I was last week in my stitching!  So, here is a picture of just about where I left off:



I like to stitch at lunch because it helps to pass the time and relaxes me before heading back to my desk.  And the gals that I eat with all like to see what I’m doing, where I’m at with it, and of course they love the finishes!  The one thing that they don’t like is when Mr. Frog comes visiting.  HA!  So, if I have to rip something out, I try to do it at home where they can’t see!

So, I’ve worked really hard on this project because I wanted to finish it.  It’s my first Christmas gift for 2012.  Here is where I am tonight:

So, this makes my 10th finish for the year!  YEAH!  Not everything has been on my WIPocalypse list, but they have all been things that I have wanted to work on and finish.  I’m really happy with the progress to date.
Happy Stitching!


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