September WIPocalypse Update

Hello!  It seems like forever since I posted here, but it’s only been a month!  😉  So… what have I done for the past month….  For the most part, it was just work… but I did manage to get some things stitched of course!

I finished Rose Garden by Blackbird Designs.  As I said before, this is going to be a pin cushion and is a remembrance piece for my Mom, Mary Ann Poland.  Just yesterday I found some cute calico fabric and piping, so I should have a completed picture for you next month.

Rose Garden by Blackbird Designs

Then… I’ve been working on a piece that I really love.  Every time I add a new leaf or flower, it just brightens up the linen and makes me love it even more.  It is Just For Today by Primitive Traditions.  This is where I was at posting time.  I’ve made a lot more progress over the long weekend, but will save that for the next installment!

Just for Today – by Primitive Traditions

And there you have it!  My two projects for the month.  Both will be finished in September either by sewing or framing and I’ll share that with you in October.  Until then, enjoy the month and Happy Stitching!







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