WIPocalypse February Update

This month has seen several projects in the rotation… two which weren’t even on my WIPocalypse list!

First, I finished off the Pink Tulip from The Workbasket.  This was a freebie design that I discovered needed to become part of my collection.  To me, it seems that the wind is blowing and making the stem undulate to it’s dance.

As you can see, I also have the date as last year…. oh well… I thought about doing it last year!  😉

My big brother became engaged on Christmas day and has planned the wedding for February 11th.  Because we didn’t even know that he was seeing anyone, this came as quite a surprise to both Laura and myself.  We are very excited for him and looking forward to meeting Sue Ellen and giving her the scoop on what she’s getting herself into!  😉

When the surprise finally wore off, Laura and I decided that we would work on a joint project for the wedding. We decided on a sampler and found a piece that we could adjust to our needs.

This is a close up of the house portion of the sampler.  We just fell in love with the blue of the house and loved how the floss changed colors throughout.  I liked the roof color because it reminded me of slate.  Then instead of the usual wreath on the door, we opted for a heart to symbolize bringing love into the home.  We also chose to fill the windows with “light” by selecting a soft golden yellow.

This next picture is what I completed before passing it back to Laura.  I found the verse on-line and thought it was perfect for our needs.  I enjoyed stitching both vines and getting the names started for my sis.  I get to see the finished product this weekend and can hardly wait!  I’m sure she will have it posted to her site, so you’ll have to watch for it!

And last but not least, there has been some progress made on Samurai.  I just have his head and the tops of both wing sections to finish and he will be ready for framing.  This has really been a challenge to work on… small count and dark fabric aren’t good for my eyes.

Here’s a closer picture so you can see easier where I’m at.  I’ve just started up his neck and hope to have him all done this weekend… but may not because there are TWO shopping excursions planned.  Oh well…. I’ll keep trudging through and will definitely have a finish to show everyone next month!

I hope everyone had a successful stitching month too.  I look forward to checking out all the blogs and seeing what you’ve been up to!

Chat with you again soon!


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