Saturday Morning Greetings! – posted 11/19/11

Hi there!  The day looks like it is going to be really pretty…. until you see the winds kick in!  I’m watching out the window as the leaves swirl, bushes shimmy, and trees dance in its wake.  It’s still a pretty day, but I’m glad I’m inside for the time being.  

I wanted to share my current WIP with you.  I’ve started stitching “Tis the Season” from Joyuex Noel by Blackbird Designs.  I’m stitching it on Crystal Haven fabric from Picture This Plus.  I wanted to use this fabric because with the sparkles, it reminds me of a gentle snowy day.  I’m using Vickie Clayton silks tweaked for the fabric.  As you can see, there is some variegation in the floss which is giving him quite a bit of definition.  I think he’s turning out beautiful and can hardly wait to see the entire cardinal appear!  I hope you enjoy him too.


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