New Digs! August WIPocalypse Update

Hi everyone!  I think I have found a home… I’m going to use this space for all of my updates and cross stitchy stuff.

First off – I really hate that Multiply has booted us from the space.  I get that they want to move in a different direction with there site, but how many people are they disrupting to do that?  Way too many for my comfort…

Anyway, enough of ranting – it won’t change anything, so let’s just move on….

I haven’t been doing tons of stitching this month.  Mainly it was just during my lunch hour at work.  BUT I have made progress on a small piece.  I’ve been working on the Rose Garden by Blackbird Designs.

First let me show you where I started this month…

Yep… pretty basic.  I have been in love with this little design for longer than I can remember.  So finally on one of my recent excursions with my Sister, Laura, I decided to give in to temptation.  This sweet little design came home for good.

So, I started working on the border and laying out how I wanted the piece to flow.  You can’t really see from this picture, but there are initials on the left border and the year on the right.

Well, during our weekly Thursday night stitching at the Library, Laura and I plotted my initials (NCN) and I put them in.  Loved them! I continued with the border and worked my way around to the date.  Now… what date to add…. did I just want to use the current year?  or was there a date that was important to me?

As I pondered this, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to make this a remembrance piece for my Mother who passed a few years ago.  But again, what date?  Her birth?  her death?  what?  I finally settled on her birth year and worked that into my piece.

Suddenly, my initials looked out of place!  Now what was I going to do?  I know!  I’ll swap my initials for my Mothers!  But I needed a plan of action… her initials were quite different from mine – NCN for MAP – how was this going to work?

As I started comparing the designs for each letter, I discovered a very simple solution.  I was able to alter my Ns for her M and P by only removing a couple of stitches!  And since the C and the A were completely different, the C had to come out completely.  So, the next weekend, I sat down with my trusty scissors and clipped the thread in the middle of the C.  One would think that part of the floss would move back up the design and the other would move down the design…  just my luck, they didn’t!  The both started moving down!  Now how in the world did I actually stitch that letter????  I held my breath and kept picking and suddenly one strand jumped to the top!  Success!  My plan was working… finally!

Here is my progress to date.

I am very pleased with the results and have been happily stitching ever since.

So.. until next time…. happy stitching!


4 thoughts on “New Digs! August WIPocalypse Update

  1. What a pretty design, and lovely fabric. I hat unpicking and trying to remember which way you stitched but you’ve done a great job of the change.

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