Meet Mr. Penguinee! – November 13, 2011

He’s done!  I had a really tough time seeing the white while I was stitching, but I prevailed and we now have a whole penguin!  Now all that’s left is to stitch him into a pillow and voila!  We have a Christmas present!  I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.    

Blog Entry Yeah for the time change! Nov 8, ’11 6:50 AM
for everyone

Ok, I admit… I hate when we have to switch the clocks.  I understand the reason they set it up that way years ago, but don’t see the need any longer.  I think I did hear a rumble recently that they were looking into standardizing our time now…. or wait!  Maybe that was the earthquake I heard!  Anyone else?

It’s been pretty cool lately, as Fall is in the Midwest.  I’ve had a week long cold, so I’ve been just miserable.  The coughing is just about to get me down. BUT I have cough medicine, so I shall prevail!  =]

I’ve been working on a new project for my son Eric’s fiance, Rhea.  It was actually a freebie from the Workbasket ~ Mr. Penguinee, which as you can tell is a Quaker Penguin. 

I’m working him up on Sterling from PTP, which gives him a real icy feel.  I’m stitching him in Sampler Threads – Blackboard and Chalk.  HA!  I didn’t even see what I was doing here until I wrote it for you.  I guess those two really do go together, huh?  =]  Here’s a close up of his tummy…it’s really pretty!
I hope to have him done this week and then like my Sister ~ Laura ~ I’m on to the Cardinal from Blackbird’s French designs.

Happy Stitching everyone!


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