May WIPocalypse

WOW!  This took me nearly a month to figure out how to get my pictures in again!  I was handling it exactly like I always have, but for some reason this month Multiply decided that wouldn’t work!  So finally in the middle of the night last night, I thought of a different way and voila!  Worked perfect! So now for your reading enjoyment… my May update.

This one is going to be short, but sweet since I really don’t remember much about the last month at this late date!  BUT I do know that I worked on my first ever Round Robin and got it sent off to the next person in line – Deanna!  Hopefully there weren’t too many “specialty fibers” included!    meow!  This is where I left it for the balance of the group to work on:

Then, I did finally have a finish!  This is the first one is THREE months!  I was really starting to panic because I counted up what I want to accomplish on this WIPocalypse and realized that I needed to finish SEVEN projects this month, just to catch up!  Well….I now know that this is an unrealistic goal and will just have to accept that I won’t be finished with what I planned by the end of 2012…..unless some miracle occurs that is!!!!

So this is my finish for May.  This is a freebie from Rosewood Manor.  I’ve got 5 of these that I’m working on to make a set.  Since they are all finished very similarly, I decided to change this one up just a bit by breaking the top border and adding a flower from the design below.  It’s really the only one that focuses on the alphabet running across the entire piece and the sweet little bird, so I thought it warranted some special treatment.  I really like how this turned out.  All of these samplers that Karen has put out are just so delicate and sweet.  My next one has a lot of blackwork on it that really makes it pop.  I can hardly wait to show it to you!  Ah… but I have to save that for next month!

One of my friends challenged me to enter a fictional writing contest, so I took her up on it!  I’ve been furiously writing over the last couple of months and am almost to the finish… I better be because the deadline for entries is June 1st!  So, everyone please keep your fingers crossed for me in hopes that I win!  Then we all can say….. I knew her when…. 

That’s all for May!  I’ll try to get back here in another couple of weeks and get the June update in on time!  But in the meantime, Happy Stitching!


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