March WIPocalypse Update

Oops!  I’m a little late… but hey!  Better late than never!  right???  😉  I’ve been busy since the February post and have a lot to report on.

First, Laura and I finished our sampler and made it to our big brother’s wedding just in the nick of time.  We presented our present during rehearsal and were very pleased with the excitement and pleasure that our new Sister-In-Law showed.  And who would have known??? She’s a stitcher too!  YES!  Perfect family fit!

We don’t have a picture of the completed project yet because we didn’t even think to take one before we gave it to them!  Can you believe that???  So, we’re waiting for them to come back home after their honeymoon and snap one for us.  I’ll post it as soon as we get it.  Here is a picture without the frame.

Next, I made myself sit down and finish up Samurai by Fire Wing Designs.

As you know, it was a Christmas gift for my son, Eric.  The reaction that I got from him was priceless and I would struggle through that dark fabric and floss again if I knew that was going to be the response.  Here it is proudly hanging on his wall….

Next, I got busy and happily stitched my way through All Our Troubles by La-D-Da.  I started this on the plane to Texas and worked on it some while visiting there.  But the bulk of it was done once I made it back home.  I really loved watching all the colors play off each other and the shading of the flosses as they moved through the little blue bird.  I’m in the process of framing now.  It still needs a bit of straightening and then it will be ready for the wall.  Ta! Da!

I really loved working on this one.  And it makes my second finish from my WIPocalypse list, and my fourth finish this year!  YES!  I like these odds!  This means that I should be right on track to finish my list this year as planned.  =]

Next, I started working on Family Treasures III by Told in a Garden. 

I’ve just barely got it going, but it’s there!  I plan on working on it all month, checking my progress, and then deciding if I want to finish it out or put it back for a bit in favor of moving to something smaller.  You’ll have to check back next time to see what I decide.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far….can you see the ironwork of the arch?

Next Thursday, Laura and I are traveling to Abilene, KS for a mini-retreat for ourselves!  We’ve booked a room in an old Victorian B&B and will spend a few days roaming the town and haunting our favorite store – Picture This Plus!  We will be on fabric and floss overload by the time we hit the road home.  I can hardly wait!

At the beginning of April, I will begin my first ever Round Robin.  YEAH!  So, whatever I’m working on, I’ll stop and get my project going for that group.  This should be fun and it will be really nice to be able to share my quickly growing love of cross stitch with Laura and Deanna.  I just hope that my stitching will measure up.

I think that is pretty much all for now.  I thank you for taking the time to read my post and hope that you have a happy and successful month of stitching!  Bye for now!  🙂


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