June 4th WIPocalypse

Ok!  Only a few days behind this month.  YEAH ME!
For some reason, May was one of those harder months for me.  I was sick a couple of times, had a migraine, and just didn’t feel like doing anything for more days than not.  Then in the midst of all this, I was working towards completing my first piece of fiction and entering into a contest through Hay House / Balboa Publishing.  The deadline was June 1st and I made it!  I’m so excited.  Everyone please keep me in your thoughts with the hope that I come out as the first place winner! 

Even through all of that, I somehow managed to get in a couple of finishes in May.

The first was the Rosewood Manor freebie.  I’m really loving these little patterns.  They seem to all flow together really well.  I’ve got 5 designs so far – 1 was finished in 2011 and then the two so far this year.  As I was stitching the center section on this month’s finish, I worked the same color around the wheel.  At several points, it looked more like a Mandala than a sampler!  I think it turned out pretty nice!  The blackwork really shines, in my humble opinion.

Now just so you get some idea of what I’m working towards, I thought I might show you all of the samplers that I’ve completed so far.

This is the first one that I finished in 2011:

One of my brother’s favorite flowers was the Iris, so this was a really nice piece for me to stitch.

  and here is the 2nd one that I finished last month.  Love that little bird!

Then, just so you can see how these are all going together, here is a picture of the group of 4 that will be done this year for the WIPocalypse:   As you can see, I’ve finished the bottom 2 in this group and have the top 2 to go.  I’m currently working on the one on the right.  This should make a really nice grouping once they’re all done and framed alike.  One nice feature of the designs is that Karen uses nearly all the same colors.  So as I get others from Rosewood, I’ll be able to add them to the grouping without any problem!

The other piece that I worked on was a really quick little Christmas design.  I’m going to make it into a small banner with a rod and tassel.

Isn’t it sweet?

That’s just about it for the month!  Like I said…. it’s been a slow one, but at least I have a couple of things finished!

I hope that you have a wonderful month stitching!


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