Guess Who’s Playing Bunco! – posted 02/25/12

Laura and I spent last Thursday evening at the local Community Center and learned a new way to while away the hours…. BUNCO!  Actually…. if any of you have ever played, then you know this is not a slow and easy game…it’s fast and furious!  And those old ladies can be really cutthroat!  

We loved it though and soon enough were almost able to take on the crowd.

But you had to grab your dice quick or they would rip them off the table before you could even see what you got!  (it reminded me of playing Yatzee with our Mom!)

We had a wonderful time, but were starving by the time we got done.  We were there for 3 hours!  We hit Jose Peppers afterwards for a nice meal and then home to bed.

If you haven’t tried the game, I would highly suggest it.  It’s a really fun way to spend your time.  Well, until later …..  and don’t forget to yell when you hit the BUNCO!


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