April 6th WIPocalypse Update

yes… I know that it’s already April 14th, but I’ve been busy, ok?  

After the March update, Laura and I left for our mini-retreat and went to Abilene, KS.  We were there just 3 days, but it was so much fun that I would have stayed for 3 weeks!  I forgot my camera… again… so look for updates from Laura on our trip.  I think we travel well together… I’m the driver and she is the navigator.  Yes, we get lost sometimes because of our “differing” opinions, but at least we laugh and have a great time while we’re cruising through who knows where!  We’ll be planning more retreats, so maybe next time some of you can join us!

I did a lot of work on my TIG piece this month.  She moved from this….

to this…….

to this…….

and ended up the month here…..

I love how she has progressed, even though there was a LOT of frogging during the process.  I can’t tell you how many people at work have asked if I would just stop there and let them have her!  uh… NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  She’s mine and I can hardly wait to start working on the balance of her garden.

I also found a really cool hanger that I will use for her.  Naturally, it was discovered at Picture This Plus!    Isn’t it just perfect for this piece???

The second day of our retreat, we went to the coolest shop – Heart’s Desire in Wichita, KS.  It was filled to the brim with all sorts of patterns, but what was most impressive was that there were almost as many stitched samples to view!  Laura has some great pictures on her blog, so be sure to check those out.

So, being overstimulated like I was.. I purchased these little treats!

and even got the little watering can for the Sweet Nothing design!

They were really nice ladies there and we got these freebies to go with our purchases…

A sweet little birdie…

a companion piece to the Pink Tulip that I had stitched before!

and a really cute snowman with the floss!

Then earlier in the month, I received this piece from one of my on-line stitching buddies.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Lastly on the stitching front… I have started a RR piece that I will send off May 1st.  Here is where I am today… 

I had actually finished the 1 – 6 and the N by the Full Moon, so that is what I’m counting for this update.  The balance has been worked on throughout the month.  I just have one more motif to add on the right and the entire bottom is complete, sans border.  I really like the elegance of the letters and am looking forward to seeing this completed over the next couple of months.

Outside of these, I worked on updating my dining room, which you can see on my other blog.  Oh you can also see the beautiful tablecloth that I got for $7 at an antique store while on our retreat!

I also sent out one of my pieces for framing…. not sure if I’m happy with it, but here it is….

I think that is all for now… Whew!  This has been a long one.  I think I covered everything that’s been going on in my stitching world…  I thank you for spending some time with me and hope that you have a wonderful month with your projects!

Brightest Blessings!!!


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