2012 WIPocalypse Projects

All right… I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed with what I had originally chosen to finish this year. So, I’ve trimmed the list a bit and moved from 21 items to 18 projects. I’m still concerned that these are going to get done, but I’ll check back again in September and make adjustments then if need be. =]

BIGS: (1)
Family Treasures III / Told In A Garden

Mediums: (7)
*** DONE*** All Our Troubles – La-D-Da
Silver Bells – The Sunflower Seed
Barnwood Buttons – Rosewood Manor
Shepherd’s Cottage – Elizabeth’s Designs
Bee Keeper Cottage – Elizabeth’s Designs
Through the Woods – Little House Needleworks
A Bee C – Chessie & Me

smalls: (10)
*** DONE*** Mistletoe (Freebie) – Wichelt Imports
Reindeer (Freebie) – C.C. & Company – 2011 Across the River kit
Wool Needlebook and Scissor Fob – Little House Needleworks
*** 3 DONE*** 4 – Quaker Samplers (Freebies) – Rosewood Manor
*** Done*** Pink Flower (Freebie) – The Workbasket
***Done*** Ezmiralda’s Boutique (Freebie) – C.C. & Company – 2010 Across the River kit.
Christmas Reindeer 2008 (Freebie) – Rosewood Manor

Well… that’s it!

Told in a Garden

Told In A Garden

All Our Troubles

All Our Troubles – 03/2012

Silver Bells 1


Barnwood Buttons

Barnwood Buttons

Shepherd's Cottage

Shepherd’s Cottage

Bee Keeper's Cottage

Bee Keeper’s Cottage

A Bee C

A Bee C by Chessie & Me

2011 Across The River Kit - Reindeer

2011 Across The River Kit – Reindeer

Holly & Berries

Holly & Berries – finished 03/2012

Rosewood Manor - Quaker Iris

Quaker Mini Sampler – Finished 01/2012

Bird in Flowers

Bird in Flowers – Finished 02/2012

Quaker Tulips Mini Sampler

Quaker Tulips Mini Sampler – Finished 03/2012

Three Butterflies

Three Butterflies

Pink Tulip by Workbasket

The Pink Tulip – Finished 01/2012

Ezmiralda’s Boutique

Finished 11/01/2012


Reindeer from Rosewood Manor

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