Where has the time gone?

Ok.. I know… I said that I would not be as long between posts.  Well… I haven’t!  It’s only been a month and a half since I was here last.  😀

I’m sorry that I kept you all waiting, but I’ve been busy!  The wedding plans are steadily advancing forward.  There was one loose end that we have finally, finally closed today.  We now have our photographer!  She is the daughter of an old friend, who looks like she is doing some fabulous work.  I can’t wait to see what she captures next month.  It should be fun.

While we’ve been looking for her, I decided that it was time to start working on some of the flower arrangements.  I spent one weekend shopping and then creating this arrangement for the alter.  What do you think?

Alter FlowersI think that they have come out beautifully!  and the more important thing is that Eric and Jamie like them too.  Now on to the bouquets.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to share those pictures with you real soon.

I’ve also done some stitching over the past few weeks.  Laura and I were shopping at our favorite LNS and they had a crazy design in their freebie pile.  So.. I couldn’t leave it!  It hopped into my bag and home we came.  I sat down and immediately started working on it.  Oh sorry… did I not tell you what it was?  lol


It’s HEN!  By Bent Creek.  Isn’t she a hoot?!?!?!

Now while I was working on her, a friend from work stopped me at lunch and gave me some good news.  He and his partner came into some money and have been able to purchase the house of their dreams.  I am so happy for them.  He told me that he’d been thinking about this a lot and that he would really like to have one of my pieces in his new home.  He didn’t care what it was, because he says that he likes everything that I have ever done.  His only requirement was that it be about 5″ x 7″ sized.  Just something small that would remind him of me every time he saw it.  Now… I’ve never had anyone ask me to stitch something for them.  I was honored and dumbstruck all at the same time.  I came home and started through my stash.  Here is what I ended up with…..

Home Sweet Home

It’s Home Sweet Home by Goode Huswife and I hope he likes it.  I just finished it up today and am pleased with the results.  He asked for something kind of retro in flavor, copper colors, but didn’t care what the subject was.   What do you think?

All righty!  That’s it for this installment.  I’m headed into the living room now to see if there is anything worth watching on the old telly tonight.  So you all take care and have fun doing it!

Brightest Blessings!!!


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Hey there! Remember me???

It has been so long since I last posted, I can’t believe it!  It was in June and since we just stepped into March today, that makes it almost 9 months.  My apologies for the silence…

There have been some changes in my household.  First, my son, Eric,  has found a wonderful girl, Jamie, and they are planning on getting married this May.  She now lives with us and is a real joy to have in our lives.  She also has a 15 year old son, Austin, that is slowly getting comfortable with us all and we are all enjoying the time that he gets to spend with us.  We see him every other weekend and we try to make the time we have together count.  So now… because of all of this, the house has been turned upside down, dedicating space to them and rearranging our schedules to accommodate everyone.  Is it a challenge?  Of course it is!  But our home is so much happier, that it is no burden at all.  🙂  So, remember that I said they are getting married?  Well, guess who is doing all the planning?  ME!  Now, this is the real challenge… I’ve worried over the details, asked thousands of questions so they feel like it’s their wedding and not mine, made arrangements, you name it!  But we’re down to 80+ days right now and I think it just might all come together!  Someone very wise told me not to worry about all the small stuff.  Things were going to go wrong, but no one was going to know but me.  That would mean that everyone else would think it was perfect!  Thank goodness!  And I have my good friend and sister helping out all along the way.  That has relieved me more than you know or that I can say.  Thank you ladies!

Are you curious if I’ve been stitching?  Well, of course I have been!  That’s why I am still somewhat sane.  LOL  I’ve done several projects since then and since I really can’t remember the order, I’m going to have to just lay them all out for you to see.  Here goes!





This is a little freebie that I found.  I just thought it was too cute and had to stitch it.  I’ve tried searching and couldn’t find who the designer is, so if you know, please let me know.  I really hope that it was posted correctly and not pirated!






Next… I think I finished this one off.  It’s The Raven by La-D-Da.  I love Halloween and stitching projects for this holiday makes me really happy.  Don’t you love that crow?Midnight Dreary




My Sis was working on the Clear Moon Sampler and the Thanksgiving Sampler by PrairieSchooler last fall.  I saw those two, liked them, but then saw the third design of the tryptic, the Autumn Sampler and fell in love!  If you remember, we stitch a lot of the same designs, but incorporate our twists on them.  We generally use very different fabrics, thus needing to tweak the flosses.  Well, that was no exception here.  I used the same fabric that I used on Ezmiralda’s Boutique back in 2012.  The piece that I had left was colored in such a way that I felt there were leaves falling , which made a perfect back drop for my fall piece.  Don’t you think?





Last fall, Laura and I went to a Cross Stitch Retreat in Lincoln City, OR, not far outside of Portland, OR.  There we met a lady that we chat with on Saturday mornings.  ok… I have to admit that I sometimes skip chat because sleep and my cozy bed just hold me captive!  We had a great time with Rita.  She took us on a day of sight seeing, shopping, and even whale spotting!  We had a wonderful day and wonderful time in your home state
of Oregon, thank you Rita!  Day trip in OR




We had a wonderful time, met a lot of really fabulous ladies, and actually got some stitching in while we were there too!  I think that I actually started working on the piece above and then pulled out this little guy and started and finished him too!  Isn’t he sweet?  It’s Lamb by Shepherd’s Bush.  I don’t know why…. but I just really are drawn to sheep…



Christmas Robin 2Christmas Robin - back

One of the fun things they did while there was to have a White Elephant Ornament Exchange.  Since this was our first time at the Retreat, we wanted to participate in the ornament exchange.  I worked on a piece that I found on Pinterest, then purchased so I was supporting the designer.  I absolutely LOVE this little guy and will probably have to stitch it again so I have one for myself.  It is A Robin’s Christmas by Lynne Nicoletti.  It’s one of those cute little embroidered envelopes!

So what’s next you ask?  Hmmm….. let me think….  I think at this point, my competitor mode kicked in.  Laura was working on a piece that we both owned… she worked on it at the Retreat and either finished it or came very close in doing so.  That made me want to pull my piece out and do the same.  So once my last project was done, I pulled out Poinsettia House by Little House Needleworks.  I had what I thought was the perfect fabric – a pink opalescent from Silkweavers.  The little sparkles make me think of snow falling on the little house.  Do you see it too?  Poinsettia House

After this, I decided that I needed to finish some of my pieces so I could put them on display.  So one weekend, I sat and stitched pillows, pin cushions, and framed projects.  I’m feeling much better now.  I still have a ton left to do, but at least I made a dint in them.

On another weekend, I took a leaf from Laura’s book, and went into my office and hung up everything that was finished.  It is really nice to see them throughout the year and there’s an added bonus of knowing that they aren’t being harmed in any way while they are waiting to visit us again when their season arrives.  I also created a spreadsheet of all the designs that I have so I can track what’s in my stash, what is a WIP, and what has been completed.  I also cleared out an old dresser, arranged all my fabrics in two of the drawers and all my flosses in the top.  I am really pleased with this because now they are so much easier to see and find what I want to work my next project on.  All of my patterns are in a file cabinet set up according to what season they apply to.  If they don’t, then they fall under “Any”.  🙂

This next little piece I’ve had for a long time and it always makes me smile every time I see it.  It’s Warm Winter Woolens by Little House Needleworks.  He worked up lickety split!  I’m planning on making him into a little stitching bag to carry my projects in.  He should be very cute and then I’ll be able to smile at him all the time.  🙂

Warm Winter Woolens

Whew!  that’s a lot of stitching… but wait!  There’s more!  I think my last finish for 2014 was Jingle by The Cross-Eyed Cricket.  Laura talked me into the fabric that I used, which necessitated switching out almost every color of floss!  Gotta love my sis!  But that’s ok… I spend her money just as well as she spends mine!   😉  Here’s how he looks all stitched.  I’m planning on finding a really pretty plaid and cording.  I want to finish it in a pillow, just like the pattern shows.  I think that will just be the finishing touch.  Loved stitching it!


This made my finished project count for 2014 TWELVE items.  Not bad for someone who really wasn’t counting, right?

The Ways of Happiness

After the start of the new year, I decided that I wanted to pull out a SAL piece that I kept seeing on FaceBook last year.  I just loved the verse and wanted to see this piece in my own home.  It is The Way to Happiness by Jardin Prive.  I so enjoyed stitching this piece.  Every time I would pull it out, I loved seeing the words and little motifs appear before my eyes.  These are very good words to live by…..
Now… because I just stitch during lunch, this took me the entire month of January to finish.  While I was diligently working on it, because I don’t like to switch between pieces or have multiple projects working at any one time, I watched from the sidelines while my lovely sister finished piece after piece.  So you know what happened next, right?  Do I even have to say?  Yes, you’re correct!

C O M P E T I T O R   M O D E

Since the beginning of February, I have finished three pieces.  Yes, they are small, yes, they are quick, but boy are they cute and of course they are ones that I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time.





First, I stitched Birds Mini-Block by Hinzeit.  It went together really quickly.  I plan on finishing it as a Stand Up, so it can be displayed on any flat surface.  I think these are very cute ways to finish your projects and hope to have it done this spring so I can see it very shortly.


Under the Blossom

Next I moved on to Under the Blossom Scissor Fob by Chessie & Me.  I’ve probably had this little guy for a year or more and because he reminds me of my kitties, always want to stitch him.  Well… out he came!  The fabric that I chose was left from my Bumblebee piece that I worked on last year.  It’s a pink and white check that I think makes this piece very sweet.  What do you think?

This now brings me to today.  Quite a trip, right?  🙂



I started this little project on Monday of last week.  I worked on it during lunch, as usual.  But, it was blossoming so beautifully, that I decided to keep working on it over the weekend.  I finished stitching it just a few minutes ago and am proud to show it off too.  It is Printemps (or Spring) by Broderies Passion.  It was a freebie that can be found on this blog.  I’ve kept a copy of it since it came out in 2012.  Yes, 2012!!!  So, you can see… it was well past time to pull it out and stitch it up.  Do you like it as much as I do?



So, as I said at the beginning… this has been a long overdue post.  I apologize for the length and can only hope that my next one won’t be so long in the coming.  Be safe, stay warm, and keep stitching!  🙂

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Good Morning, World!

We are enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning here in the Midwest!  We are expecting more rain tonight, but I’m going to enjoy the cool breeze and temperatures for as long as I can… because they say that next week, we’re heading straight to the 90’s!  UGH!  I’m definitely a Spring girl… not a Summer girl.

I got another piece framed this month.  It’s my Song of the Seasons by Little House.  I know there are several mistakes in it, but I don’t care.  That’s what makes it uniquely mine and I still love it.  Here a picture for you to see…

Completed 2013 and framed 2014

Completed 2013 and framed 2014

I also worked on Viktor and Irina this week.  Drumroll please!!!!!  They are done!  🙂

Finished 06/10/14

Finished 06/10/14

I have already started on a new piece – The Raven by La-D-Da.  It’s going quickly and I’ll have progress pictures very soon.

Ok… I’m heading out to enjoy this weather while I can!  See you again soon!



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I Got Framed!

I took a couple of pieces in to my LNS last month and was able to catch a deal they were running.  So, I had them work on two of my pieces.  I just recently got them back, and LOVE them… what do you think???

Ladybugs and Bumblebees by Country Cottage Needleworks

Ladybugs and Bumblebees by Country Cottage Needleworks


Needleworker by Little House Needleworks

Needleworker by Little House Needleworks

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Something a bit different….

Well, I know that I always show you my stitching.  Not today…  I’ve been working a bit in my garden and thought I would share some of it with you.  Now… here’s the disclaimer.  The pictures aren’t that great, certainly not as spectacular as Karen R’s!  But it is my garden and so one would expect it to be a bit off…  😉

So, here we go for a walk…  Let’s start at the drive and move back towards the door.  Here is a look at the garden itself.  I’ve just planted those roses and really need to deadhead them.   They were just about to bite the dust when I brought them home, but are doing surprisingly well now.  In the background, you can see my brother’s Arrowhead plants.

Garden from the East


Here is a better picture of the Japanese Maple.  This one is about 5 years old now.  As most things in my garden, it was touch and go for a bit, but it finally sunk in roots and has taken off.  It’s definitely an eye-catcher against the wood of the house.

Japanese Maple

As we start down the sidewalk, here are a couple of tulips that have survived the years.

Red Tulip Purple Night - TulipThey have gotten so sparse that I told my son, Eric that this fall, I’ll buy him one of the augers that attaches to his drill and we were going to plant about 100 tulips so we have a beautiful display next Spring.  (please remind me to do this!  I love tulips and the pops of color that they provide in the Spring landscape!)

Next down the path, we come across Lily of the Valley… these were gifts from the birds.  I do love them though, because my Mom always had a bed full each Spring.  They were such prolific growers that eventually they split the box and grew over the sides of the planter to join the other flowers in the yard.  My Mom would rip them out of the ground by the handful, but they just kept growing and coming back.  🙂

Lily of the Valley


Next to them, we have Chuck’s Jacob’s Ladder.  I love this plant because it is rather unusual.  The stems and leaves bow over and to me are very dramatic.  Then there is the little surprise of flowers dripping from each leaflet. Such a pretty plant.  Mixed in with it is a joke for me… A little silvery ground cover called White Nancy – Dead Nettle.  That’s quite a tribute and suits me well don’t you think?  😀

Jacob's Ladder


From here, our walk brings us to a new beauty of my garden, my Perennial Geranium.  It is just starting to bloom, but I don’t think you can really see the blossom.  It’s is a very light violet color, very dainty.  Already, this plant has tripled it’s size from last year.

Perennial Geramium

Now we have reached the curve of my walk and are almost to the porch itself.  As we look back, this is our view…

Front Garden

From here you can see the gazing balls, my garden ornament, and the birdbath.  I have lots of hostas that have really loved their home and expanded so much, that I should really divide them.  But I just can’t bring myself to do it!  I also have a ton of  violets.  They are volunteer, but some are the Birdfoot Violet that are sold at the nurseries, so I baby them and let them grow wherever they wish.

When we look closer, you can see the beautiful color of my English Bluebells.  They are generally one of the first to break ground and love to get a jump on the other plants.  Right behind it is a giant hosta.  Unfortunately, I no longer remember it’s name… but if given the proper elements, it can reach over 3 feet tall.  It’s a gorgeous specimen.    The little rusty birdbath was Chuck’s.  It’s getting a paint job this year so it will last well into the future as a remembrance piece.

English Bluebells


Right next to this, you can see another of my brother’s plants – his prized Helleborus.  This plant starts up with the snow and then is in full bloom just as Spring lifts her veil.  It is a truly spectacular plant and one I would highly suggest for your gardens.

Chuck's Helleborus

From here we look across the walk and you can see a small garden that I’m working on directly in front of the porch.  I’ve got a few Iris and a couple of new plants this year which I believe are Alstroemeria.  I’m hoping that they are perennials, but if not, I’ll find something pretty to plant there next year!  If you look closely, you’ll see my visitor.  He belongs to one of my neighbors, but always comes to my porch for a snooze.


Porch Garden with Visitor


I know you probably can’t see this, but here is my first Iris of the Spring!  It’s pale, pink and just a beautiful lady.  I purchased it, as well as all my other iris, at Comanche Acres Iris Gardens in Gower, MO.  It is just a real treat to go there and walk the fields of iris, something Chuck and I would do while he was still here.  If you get a chance, check them out on-line!  You’ll love to visit there too.

First Iris of Spring


Well, that is it for the garden tour!  I hope you enjoyed your little detour and glimpse into what else I do beside stitching!

Until next time my friends…. Brightest Blessings!!!

Hello Weekend!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  😉

I just wanted to do a quick update on my stitching.  I haven’t been able to stitch as much as I wanted, but I was able make do a bit of progress as you can see.


That’s not a very clear picture, so here are a couple of close ups.

DSC04699 DSC04700

I’m still having fun with these two… and I think that’s the point.  See you soon!

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